The RoadSync Pay API empowers our partners to streamline payment processes, enabling Brokers to create and schedule fast, reliable payments. This service simplifies financial transactions from Brokers to Carriers and Factoring Companies, making it an invaluable tool for the logistics industry. While it offers the flexibility to send payments to any recipient, the RoadSync Pay API also includes specialized features tailored to the unique needs of logistics professionals.


This documentation is organized into the following sections, with each one guiding you through the crucial steps needed to ensure successful payment transactions.

  • Payees
  • Directory
  • Funding Sources
  • Payables
  • Transactions
  • Receivables
  • Brokers

Each section provides clear explanations and examples to help you grasp specific terminology. To start, let's dive into the essential key concepts that will enhance your understanding of the RoadSync Pay API.


Welcome, and thank you for accessing our documentation! As a partner, you'll receive an API key to get started with the RoadSync Pay API.


A Payee is the entity that receives payments from a Broker. This can be a Carrier, a Factoring Company, or any other eligible entity. Payee accounts within RoadSync Pay are specifically designed for receiving payments and support a range of payment methods, including ACH (SameDay ACH, NextDay ACH, Regular ACH, Real-Time Payments), as well as paper checks. If your system manages Carriers and you want to grant them access, your API key will allow you to manage Payee accounts.

  • Payee candidate: is a Payee listed in the Directory, visible to everyone in the RoadSync Pay network.
  • Verified Payee: is a Payee candidate that has payment information available to all Brokers.


RoadSync Pay's API offers Brokers' access to a database of over 300,000 Carriers from Safer. If you need to make a payment to a Carrier, simply start a search using their name, MC Number, or DOT Number. Import them into the Broker’s view and experience streamlined transactions beyond your expectations.

Funding Source

From the Payee's perspective, the funding source is the account or method through which they receive payments. In RoadSync Pay, Payees are enabled to have two funding sources: the ACH funding source and the paper check funding source.

From the Broker's viewpoint, the funding source refers to the account or mechanism providing the necessary funds for completing a transaction. In RoadSync Pay, Brokers have three potential funding sources at their disposal: the ACH funding source, the paper check funding source, and the wallet.

Within the API, the Funding Source endpoint is exclusively designed for the management of Payee funding sources.


A Payable is an open invoice with a predetermined date for initiating the transaction. Both scheduled Payables and immediate Transactions result in the creation of a Payable. However, when it's time for the payment to be initiated, the Payable becomes a Transaction.


A Transaction involves the transfer of funds or check between the Broker and its Payee.


Once the Payable transforms into a Transaction, Payees receive an immediate remittance email with payment details and could gain access to RoadSync Pay's Carrier Portal. Some API Keys have permissions to create Payee Candidates and verify them. Those will have access to Receivables / Carrier’s Portal where funds for receipt are displayed and recorded as Receivables.


In the broker section, you'll have visibility and control over all the brokers within your network. You can manage them according to your preferences and needs.

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